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Transform Your Space with Original Artwork Inspired by The British Landscape

Hi I'm Mike, an artist with a passion for painting the British Landscape, especially NW England. I focus on captivating scenes, from the Lake District to the streets of urban centres, and turning them into unique, atmospheric paintings.  Using oil, watercolour, acrylic and gouache, I aim to capture the essence of each location, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey through the region.  

Explore my portfolio and my interpretation of these amazing landscapes, including NW England in my paintings.
Discover the perfect piece for your home, whether it's an original painting or a print.

I love creating paintings which are important to individuals, so if you're interested, please click below to contact me to discuss it further.

Wildcard At Sky Arts Landscape Artist Of The Year

On 13th June 2023, I had a great time attending  Sky Arts Landscape Artist Of The Year as a .Wildcard contestant in  the first heat in Liverpool.  The image is from that day.

Me painting in Sky Arts Landscape Artist Of The Year in Liverpool as a Wildcard contestant