Original Paintings By Mike Greatbanks

Image of tubes of oil paint - blue, yellow & red

Mike is an artist born & bred in Liverpool, England and his passion is painting the atmospheric British landscapes, especially that of the North West of England - whether it's the landscape found in one of the national parks, such as The Lake District, or the urban landscape of the towns & cities, like Liverpool.  Choose the relevant button below to see either his original paintings or prints.

Commissioning A Painting

Producing paintings that are important to individuals, is something that Mike loves to do. 

Receiving positive feedback from the individuals provides Mike with an additional bonus to the process of creating the artwork.

    'It looks stunning' - Jean

    'Oh it's so lovely!' - Gill

If you're interested in having Mike create such a painting for you, please click below to contact him to discuss it further.

Oil Painting of The Bay at Grane-over-Sands hanging on a wall