Mike Greatbanks Painting Outdoors

"I have a passion for creating atmospheric paintings, which allow people to pause & connect with the British landscape."

My love of painting started when he was a kid.  I qualified as an art teacher but for three decades life led me down a different path away from art.  I then decided to reignite my passion for art so I picked up my paintbrush again and began to paint again - since then, I haven't looked back!

I have a passion for creating paintings, which allow people to connect with the atmospheric British landscape.  I aim to capture a visual, contemporary, atmospheric interpretation of what I see.  It's “the chase” of portraying a scene, through the interaction of light and colour that excites me.

I paint mainly landscapes, including urban, and use a variety of media to create my artwork - from oils, watercolour, acrylics & gouache.  I mainly produce paintings from a combination of location sketches & reference photographs, as well as from en plein air studies/paintings.

I undertake & welcome requests for commissions so if you're interested, please contact me for more information.