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  1. abandoned orangery allerton towers
    ‘Abandoned Orangery’, 30cm x 40cm, Oil on Canvas

    I’d driven past this location many times & always thought that I should go & investigate it.  Eventually I did & I came across this amazing derelict, abandoned orangery.

    Not only was it the sunshine hitting the weather-worn paint that attracted me to this view but by the way nature was taking over this once wonderful building.  

    The bright sunshine formed extremely dark shadows which produced strong light & dark colour variations of the surrounding trees & bushes, as well as the building.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have my paints with me so I took a number of reference photos to work from.  I think this will be the first painting of a new collection that I’ll produce over the coming months, so keep an eye out.

    In the meantime, if there’s a little landscape gem that you’d like me to paint for you, please contact me


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  2.  cloud study v2
     'Cloud Study', ©Mike Greatbanks

    I’ve been asked many times: “What inspires me to paint?”

    The answer’s simple:


    My inspiration comes from the landscape - either that which is created by nature or from the working landscape eg docklands.

    It doesn't matter what medium I’m painting in - whether it's oil, watercolour, gouache or acrylic - my passion is to create paintings which make people view & feel a connection with the landscape that's displayed before them. 

    Many years ago, as part of a course, I went to The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, where I had to choose one painting to study. It was here, that I became fascinated by John Constable's paintings, from 'Dedham Lock & Mill' (which I chose to study); 'Boat Building Near Flatford Mill'; amazed by the view of the full-scale study of 'The Hay Wain'; & wowed by his cloud studies.

    It was this experience plus my love of Turner's artwork & that of the Impressionists, which inspired me to paint landscapes.

    Even Monet & Pissarro, who visited London in 1870, were stirred & inspired by Constable's paintings, as well as those of Turner.

    Above is one of my own cloud studies.