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  1.  cloud study v2
     'Cloud Study', ©Mike Greatbanks

    I’ve been asked many times: “What inspires me to paint?”

    The answer’s simple:


    My inspiration comes from the landscape - either that which is created by nature or from the working landscape eg docklands.

    It doesn't matter what medium I’m painting in - whether it's oil, watercolour, gouache or acrylic - my passion is to create paintings which make people view & feel a connection with the landscape that's displayed before them. 

    Many years ago, as part of a course, I went to The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, where I had to choose one painting to study. It was here, that I became fascinated by John Constable's paintings, from 'Dedham Lock & Mill' (which I chose to study); 'Boat Building Near Flatford Mill'; amazed by the view of the full-scale study of 'The Hay Wain'; & wowed by his cloud studies.

    It was this experience plus my love of Turner's artwork & that of the Impressionists, which inspired me to paint landscapes.

    Even Monet & Pissarro, who visited London in 1870, were stirred & inspired by Constable's paintings, as well as those of Turner.

    Above is one of my own cloud studies.